Workshop Options:

(Have a different idea? Ask me about it!) 

1. Plates 2 Ways!

  • Create a hand-built platter/plate. Use nature textures picked from the yard or alley.
  • Next, attempt a plate on the wheel! Take turns.
  • Finish workshop with 2 finished pieces per person.

2.  Small Worlds Sculpture Workshop! (this one is great for kids!)

  • Quite literally play with clay as we create tiny worlds! Think: fairy houses, underwater habitats, small figures, and anything else you can imagine. We will learn sculpture techniques and how to make realistic textures. Come back for a 2nd session to paint your world!
  • Your "small world" will be water-tight and safe to be displayed in the garden or home. 

3.  Make Your Perfect Drinking Vessel!

  • In this workshop we will utilize handbuilding techniques to design our perfect drinking vessel. Create that mug, teacup, beer stein or chalice that will fit perfectly in your hand. Embellish and add a handle (or 2!) Come back for a 2nd session to glaze your pieces. Two pieces max per person. 

4.  Create a Mini Grecian Vase!

  • Create a coiled Grecian style vase, complete with carved imagery in the style of Amphorae! The vessel will be hand-built with coils in session one, with the carved imagery added in session 2. I will take care of the step of clear glazing for you after firing. Limit 1 piece per person. 

5. Create a Box!

  • Make a ceramic box that can be a special stash for your treasures. Add any textures and decorative additions that you can imagine. Come back for a 2nd session to add color/glaze your box!

6. Strictly Wheel!

  • Take turns with your partner learning the wheel. (Solo workshop takers get full-on 1:1 coaching for the whole time!) Cheer each other on as you learn the basics & attempt a couple pieces of your own! :) For participants ages 12+